Entrepreneurship and family values

Starting with an old-school thirteen hole Timpte grain hopper and a vision for the future Autumn Transport was founded in April 1980 in Lake Elmo, Minnesota by Lowell and Beverly Rieks. By the end of our first year, we added seven more hoppers to our fleet and we established Autumn as a company that understands transporting of agricultural products is a service above all else. This concept was so important in those early days that it became our "way of thinking" and a perfect fit with our dedication to integrity and traditional family values.

The natural next step: dispatch

As more trailers were added, the service philosophy that drove so many of our early decisions led naturally to the formation of our dispatch department early in 1981. Orderly scheduling and dispatch control are at the heart of any transport company and Autumn is no exception. The personnel we added for this important function brought years of valuable dispatch experience to Autumn and laid the foundation for what was to come.

Expansion through new divisions

Tanker Division: In April 1984, after experiencing rapid growth in our hopper fleet, we added a tanker fleet which doubled the company's size overnight. More importantly, it gave us the capacity to serve our clients better by transporting agricultural liquids. End Dump Division: 1993 brought with it more opportunity to expand as we began ourend dump division and expanded by nearly 20 trailers. Pneumatic Division: Based in part on repeated customer inquiries, we launched the pneumatic division in August of 1995 with only three trailers. Today, the pneumatic division is our fastest growing fleet with 61 trailers and counting.

We are a family owned and operated business with a commitment to treating all our employees and operators like family. Even though we grow the fleet every year, our team takes the time to get to know each driver personally. At Autumn, we are proud to be America's leading transport company whose primary market is agriculture. We serve the 48 contiguous United States and Canada with well over 120 trailers that are among the newest fleets on the road.

About our Founders

Entrepreneurship had taken several forms early in Lowell's career, including running a supermarket as a fresh-faced 22 year old, teaching himself to farm and at one point even starting a night club. Transportation might not seem like a logical next endeavor to anyone else, but he and Beverly grabbed the opportunity and ran with it. Up until his passing in September 2015 Lowell was known around the office as the NN (necessary nuisance). Everyday he touched base with his employees, offering wisdom, experience, insight and even a few jokes thrown in for good measure. His passion about providing great service to every customer, laid the foundation for a company that maintains the highest standards of integrity and excellence. Beverly continues to provide visionary leadership and give oversight to the company in her role as Vice President.

Today, Lowell's oldest daughter Julie Andrich serves as Autumn's CEO and President. She has grown with the company since its earliest days having worked nearly every position in the office. Her combination of experience, leadership and wisdom will be a driving factor in continuing to move Autumn forward.