What Do You Like About Autumn?

Apr 19, 2021

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We recently polled our drivers and asked "What is your favorite part about working at Autumn?" Here's what they said.

- The support and friendship of all, from the top to the bottom

- Supporting cast

- Dispatch is quick to respond

- I've been here a long time, we're like family

- The $$$, nice people, and my dispatchers

- Got plenty of work and very nice dispatch

- Feeling like my needs are met and I'm seen as a person and not a number

- My dispatch team

- Great people & the money, you all are like family to me

- Everything: the work, the support, the partnership

- Good company and people to work for; also flexible with me

- Nicest peoples work with; dispatches do help driver's issues or when we have problems with customers; home time

- Good people, good money

- The level of support I get here

- I love the work and the way Autumn always has my back; I know I’m not in it alone

- The people I get to deal with on a daily basis

- The people that work here

- It is a tight race between the people that work here and the family atmosphere

- The staff and the money

- Descent people

- Family atmosphere It is so exciting to hear these kinds of responses from our drivers.

Family is one of our 4 Core Values at Autumn. To hear so many drivers use that word, unprompted, means our values are permeating from the office out to the men and women on the road!


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