Welcome to Autumn Transport. As you look at our web site I hope it quickly becomes clear to you that we are different than many of the other transportation companies out there. We are a growing, family-owned carrier that believes in treating our owner operators like people, not numbers. At Autumn we believe in time-tested values like integrity, honesty and treating people with respect.

One of the most important things I have learned in trucking is that if you treat your drivers well, they will be good to the customers and operate in a safe fashion in return.

One of my duties as a recruiter is to share with you all the great reasons Autumn is a such a great company to drive for. Hopefully you will see some of those reasons here and be so impressed you will want to sign right on!

However, my goal is not just to sign drivers on, but to take it one step further and follow alongside you throughout your entire career at Autumn. As your recruiter, I will always be available to you, whether you need supplies, or to discuss your changing needs for miles or home time. I don't just want to get you started, I want to help you succeed.

We own over 100 trailers split between four divisions offering owner operator trucking jobs in hoppers, end dumps, liquid tanks, and pneumatic tanks. All of our divisions are a little different. Whether you are looking for an owner operator trucking job or a lease purchase trucking job, I am confident we can find a fit for both your home time and mileage needs. We keep our truck-to-dispatcher ratio low so that we can provide you the personalized service that you deserve.

As you go through our web site if you have any additional questions, please feel free to give me a call.

I look forward to talking with you.

Mark Tiedman
Office: 651–294–0131